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HTML & CSS - This is beginner stuff only :D for repetition purpose of course

This is an example and pretty boring.

This TEXT is in italic em

This text is underlined with ins

Put some text above the line with sup

Put some Text below the the line with sub

Put a deleted sign on the text with del

Lists in HTML

There are ul and ol and we will focus on ol bcs i have not known about the possible specification so far.

  1. This is a list by default
  1. This is a list starting with capital a but reversed
  1. This is a list using roman letters

Creating a form


Stay logged in:

I played football:

I have never played football:

Favourite Club:

Use iFrames to show another page in a frame

A good video for learning spin and goes :D


  • Absolute: Absolute elements will not be in the flow of the page.
  • Relative: Relative to current position, left 200px (moves it right 200px) and with minus -200 vice versa.
  • Fixed: Fixed elements will be out of the flow of the page too. But they will always stay in the same position during scrolling (not affected by scrolling so they stay at fe. the top of the screen.)
  • z-index: highest index with appear in front.


  • Margin sets a border to all sites of the element.
  • 100px = all sites are 100px or 100px 50px top/bottom and left/right are affected only
  • 10px 20px 20px 10px .. it starts at the top margin and goes clockwise to the left one
  • Margin holds everything in the flow and positioning does not except relative one.

Font Family

  • Fantasy: For Example
  • Arial: For Example
  • Helvetica: For Example
  • Serif: For Example
  • Times New Roman: For Example
  • Other: font-weight: bold, font-style: italic, text-decoration: underline/none, color: xyz, font-size: 2em,10px,200%

Aligning Text

  • Text Align Right: text-align: right
  • Text Align Left: text-align: left
  • Put it in an element to align to the border of the parent element
  • Left Aligned Text is standard
  • Text Align Center: text-align: center
  • Text Align Justified (it spreads the text from the left border to the right one: text-align: justify


  • Container and container.fluid (Stretches cross the view)
  • Modals Check it now
  • Popover (Dont forget to download the 3rd party data)
  • Tooltips (Similar to tooltips but they disappear unlinke popups at the moment you dont hover
  • Scrollspy (Its a moving bg in the fe the header)
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