Who am I and why I love to be Myself

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A short story of myself

my name is Olaf Gehrke and I am from germany. That was the formal greeting ;)
A way more specific, authentic and I think more interesting introduction for you would be the following one I guess.
My name is Olaf Gehrke, I grew up in germany and was a super happy, creative and funny guy who always knew from a voice or vibration deep inside myself "life has to offer way more" than the normal things.
To be honest I did not know what it was in particular.. and maybe my thoughts and dreams circled around those ideas in my childhood: I wanna be a firefighter, an astronaut, a football player, a treehouse architect, a LEGO creator, of course a film-star or a creator of the first real Jurrassic Park, a toy market creator, a business man in general ..
Life was unlimited when I and I guess you were younger too (close your eyes and think about the dreams you had as kid and tell me how you feel right now. Furthermore, how would you feel if you stand infront of you as a child and tell him about the way you experience life right now, about the dreams you gave up maybe or if you have fullfilled your dreams).
We had no social boundaries regarding to dreaming huge as well as silly for sure. What happened with our inner child and with our phantasy?
My flew away in pieces when I have progressed in the (german) education system. Learning, learning and learning stuff we would never ever need again in our entire life at least the vast majority except reading and maybe the foundation of math. All this learning had the only purpose to qualify for another school which qualifies us again to study for a specific place in our society we DONT WANT or to get our proper job education right away to pay our bills and live from month to month.
I have tried to find my place in this kind of new but established system for many years till one night in 2010 my heart/my inner voice told me in a very clear way that this is not the right path for my journey. So I decided immediately to break up my second and last study to start the more suitable study for me: "The study of a curious mind".
I can tell you many tough years of rejection and misunderstanding followed the years after my decision to jump out of the comfortable plan for us as a part of our society but I have never doubted not even one fracture of a second that this is not the right path for me. I have created and have tried so many things in my life some successful but not exciting and vice versa. The sum of those experiences has formed me as human being and entrepreneur and lead me further or later to the life i really really want to experience, appreciate and focus on.
Of course Iam still struggling sometimes but the truth is struggling is a sign of not being align with your purpose or with the vibration of your dreams you want to experience in your life. So you have to be open minded and couragous to think about specific circumstances and reprogram yourself to take the next step towards your idea of YOUR dream-life.
The key to this is to be open minded and to be curious

What does it mean "The Study of a Curious Mind?"

What is Happiness and what is a Dream Life?

Of course its health, family and friends, maybe a great relationship but Iam talking about this inner voice speaking to you, your dreams or reason you are existing on earth. In my humble opinion the vast majority does not live in freedom, bcs its uncomfortable
For me THE FREEDOM is: to follow dreams and doing everyday the tiny things which result in a tiny step towards my dream.
The self confidence which builts up following your dreams, doing the thing you want to do, break out and do what you really want to pursue in life.
Freedom comes with a cost nowadays, everybody things he lives in freedom but the majority does not. many are slaves of our society They do what society expects :/ .. describing the cycle of life, buying stuff, comparing to each others instead to themselves, believing material stuffs makes them happy, working more and more to earn more and more money. I made this experience breaking out and doing that what makes ME happy.
even I don't live in total freedom or do I?

I love to be Myself, I Love to Dream like a Child again




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