The Most Important Thing in My Life

01.12.2017 by Entrepreneur87

What's "THE MOST IMPORTANT THING" in your life for you?

Have you ever thought about this and more important do you live in allignment with this question?
Of course its health, family and friends, maybe a great relationship but Iam talking about this inner voice speaking to you, your dreams or reason you are on earth I think the vast majority does not live in freedom, bcs its uncomfortable
For me THE FREEDOM is: to follow dreams and doing everyday the tiny things which result in a tiny step towards my dream.
The self confidence which builts up following your dreams, doing the thing you want to do, break out and do what you really want to pursue in life.
Freedom comes with a cost nowadays, everybody things he lives in freedom but the majority does not. many are slaves of our society They do what society expects :/ .. describing the cycle of life, buying stuff, comparing to each others instead to themselves, believing material stuffs makes them happy, working more and more to earn more and more money. I made this experience breaking out and doing that what makes ME happy.
even I don't live in total freedom or do I?

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